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ERP Requirements Definition

With our ERP Systems Business Analysis, Requirements Definition and System Specification service you gain access to knowledge, tools and experience in producing functional and non-functional requirements and specifications for ERP systems and processes. We fully support you with a successful ERP selection.

Working closely together, we identify and develop preferred outcomes through data analysis, producing a comprehensive Target Operating Model (TOM), frame your functional requirements and give an insight into non-functional requirements to determine the optimal ERP solution.


  • We integrate our team with yours, giving the perfect collaborative business analysis environment.
  • Methods to enable either comprehensive or light-touch requirements, based around functional and accounting analysis.
  • Review and documentation of organisational rules, policies, regulations and reporting which is then paired with our expert knowledge of the ERP market including vendors and product features.
  • Synergistic working methods that result in the clarification and identification of scope, corporate functions and current processes to determine your requirements.
  • Review and define in accordance with APQC taxonomy and process frameworks, including Finance, HR, Payroll, Procurement, Asset Management and more.
  • Define all stakeholder requirements, respecting all stakeholders and their individual perspectives on what is needed from a system to enable them to work optimally.  
  • Identification of the right ERP system specification for your organisation, in line with resource limitations and budget.
  • Encourage close stakeholder relationships to produce comprehensive functional and non-functional requirements and specifications.


  • Gain clarity around regulatory and management reporting requirements
  • Identify all stakeholder requirements.
  • Plan against recognised best-practice models.
  • Process optimisation using globally-recognised methodologies, identifying your specific functional and non-functional needs.
  • Expert and independent knowledge of the ERP market.
  • Timely and cost-efficient selection and ERP system deployment plan
  • Risk reduction in project and programme delivery.
  • Access to expert advice, templates and tools to guide you through each stage.
  • Risk reduction of issues arising and project scope creep through regular meetings to assess progress, maximising project success and the achievement of the best possible results.
  • Comprehensive documentation on which to base any next steps in the project.


  • Functional and non-functional requirements
  • Thorough understanding of your organisation
  • An understanding of how your requirements suit the systems market
  • Comprehensive documentation on which to base any next steps in the project will be provided
  • High-level overview of the systems market based on our many years of expertise, if required

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