23/02/2018: Hear us speak at the Advanced World conference

Author: Oz Oscroft

Peter Morley will be speakering on considerations regarding Shared Services in Local Government at the Advanced World conference in Birmingham.  

The synopsis for the speech is:
Shared services design – the ‘Pyramid Model’ and key areas to consider to achieve an effective design.
Shared services can be complex arrangement, delivered by one or many suppliers and involving multiple entities with different objectives and roles.  A successful shared service needs a clear design and agreed roles and responsibilities with performance measures in place from the outset. 
We provide a model for discussion which looks at the following areas:  
  • When is a shared service an outsource and when is an outsource a shared service?
  • What are the systems and service components included in the shared operating model?
  • Which components of the service might you maintain in-house and which could be shared?
  • Who are the customer, the design authority and the supplier?
  • Who decides how things are done and how does that link to responsibility for delivery?
  • What are the risks and how do you minimise them to make shared services a success?
For more information, please visit the conference website at https://www.oneadvanced.com/advanced-world-2018/.