Social Value

At Moore Insight, we know how important Social Value is and the impact that it can have, particularly to Public Sector organisations who want suppliers to give something back to the communities and initiatives that are important to them.

With this in mind, we have developed a strong comprehensive Social Corporate Responsibility Strategy and Policy, which we align to the ISO 26000 principles, and we also have our own approach and methodology to Social Value for project delivery. 

Our "Best for All" Approach to Social Value

We are extremely proud to offer our unique approach to Social Value that presents both our true passion as a network member firm and a methodology that can be applied to your organisation as a client, based on your own unique challenges and objectives.

We provide a dedicated Social Value Delivery Team as part of each project to ensure that we always deliver and truly understand what the client wants, building relationships with charitable bodies and organisations that partner with clients in order to achieve social objectives.

Furthermore, we use the National TOMs Framework developed by the Social Value Portal (Social Value Portal) to measure these contributions as a percentage of each contract delivery and have appointed a social value coordinator to manage our social value delivery expectations for our clients throughout each contract.


Our Corporate Social Responsibility

Through aligning ourselves to the International Standard for Social Responsibility ISO 26000, we focus on 7 Key Principles:
  1. Accountability
  2. Transparency
  3. Ethical Behaviour
  4. Respect for Stakeholder Interests
  5. Respect for the Rule of Law
  6. Respect for International Norms of Behaviour
  7. Respect for Human Rights
Our Corporate Social Responsibility Statement outlines how we apply these principles to our organisation, with the management team leading by example and setting an expectation for all employees and associates.

Social Initiatives 

As an ethical and socially-driven organisation, we undertake a number of activities support communities and charitable organisations, simply because we feel it is our responsibility to give back. We focus on 4 key themes:

These are:
  • Environmental Initiatives
  • Investing in the Local Economy
  • Investing in Local People (including education)
  • Community Participation  
We have a number of ongoing intitiatives outside of project and social value delivery for clients that are covered under our internal Corporate Social Responsibility themes including:
  • Volunteer time - we grant employees a percentage of working time to commit to voluntary causes, as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility. Our team have been involved in volunteering with charities, providing free consultancy support to not-for-profits and co-ordinating volunteer activities.  
  • Fundraising - many of our team members are involved in fundraising activities and we actively encourage this annually. There are some team members who have achieved some truly inspirational feats.
  • Raising Awareness - each year, we encourage our team and our partners to actively promote the National Living Wage Week as part of the Real Living Wage movement.  

Specific CSR initiaitves


‘RISE’ Scheme

In 2020, we recruited 5 new graduates through the “RISE" scheme, a Sheffield City Region-wide initiative aiming to bring together graduates and small to medium-sizes enterprises (SMEs). Run as a collaboration between the Growth Hub, Sheffield Hallam University and the University of Sheffield, RISE has helped to fill over 300 roles since its inception in 2013. 

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Waverley Paddle Steamer

Moore Insight are corporate sponsors of the Waverley Paddle Steamer Society, and aside from monetary donations to the charity, we have also provided them with free expertise, helping them to fully implement Office 365 to enable  their operations to run fluidly and consistently. Their Director Paul Semple kindly provided us with a testimonial regarding our work, as can be seen in one of the images below. 

Volunteering in the Local Community

At Moore Insight, we actively award days to our employees for volunteering in the community for local and regional causes. Currently, we allow 3 days per employee each year as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy.

Sheffield S6 Foodbank

We are involved in other socially driven projects throughout the year including charitable donations and events. At Christmas, we provide donations to Sheffield S6 Foodbank.