Social Value

Social Value

Caring about the communities that we serve, the people we work with or influence and the environment that surrounds fits naturally right at the core of who we are at Moore Insight and as part of our wider Moore Global family.

We know how important Social Value is and the impact that it can have, particularly to Public Sector organisations, where challenges and themes are set out in line with social improvement objectives. As suppliers, we understand how important it is to deliver support to the initiatives that are important to our clients.

Our "Best for All" Approach to Social Value

We are extremely proud to offer our unique approach to Social Value that presents both our true passion as a network member firm and a methodology that can be applied to your organisation as a client, based on your own unique challenges and objectives.

We provide a dedicated Social Value Delivery Team as part of each project to ensure that we always deliver and truly understand what the client wants, building relationships with charitable bodies and organisations that partner with clients in order to achieve social objectives.

Furthermore, we use the National TOMs Framework developed by the Social Value Portal (Social Value Portal) to measure these contributions as a percentage of each contract delivery.

Our dedicated Social Value Co-Ordinator

For the delivery of Social Value commitments and planning, we have taken the major steps of appointing a dedicated Social Value Coordinator to manage our social value delivery expectations for our clients throughout each contract. Kate Hill, our Business Development Manager has a wealth of experience in delivery community projects, co-ordinating fundraising and volunteering efforts and is passionate about Social Impact and Corporate Social Responsibility.

Measuring progress against objectives

We follow a structured process for building our Social Value methodology and commitments around our clients’ needs to ensure that we are able to deliver effectively and report fully against any KPI’s that are set out.

We produce a method statement for social value and a delivery plan through the follow process:



We identify the needs and challenges of the client, assessing which themes are most relevant and urgently in need of addressing. This is normally done through in-depth research and communications with the client and partnering organisations.


We then analyse our findings and establish how this can be fed into an outline list of the client’s social value requirements, using the TOM’s framework for predicting a measurement for each commitment.


We start building the relationships across the client’s environment which help us to form a thorough method statement and outline an initial plan for delivery. We also pull together the team members who will commit to each of the social value initiatives.  

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