Requirements Definition

ERP Systems Business Analysis, Requirements Definition and System Specification


With 30 years' experience in producing functional and non-functional requirements and specifications for ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems and processes, we can support you with a successful ERP selection.

This service will identify and develop preferred outcomes through understanding your business analysis needs and identify your functional requirements for what the system will do. In addition it will give a clear insight into non-functional requirements that need to support your optimal ERP solution.


Service Features - ERP Analysis, Requirements & Specifications

We integrate our team with yours, giving the perfect collaborative business analysis environment. Our methods enable the creation of either comprehensive or light-touch requirements based around functional and accounting analysis. This facilitates the review and documentation of organisational rules, policies, regulations and reporting, which is then paired with our expert knowledge of the ERP market, including vendors and product features.

The synergy of our working methods results in the clarification and identification of scope, corporate functions and current processes, fully determining your requirements. We review and define in accordance with APQC taxonomy and process frameworks, to include Finance, HR, Payroll, Procurement, Asset Management and more.

We respect all stakeholders and their views. Corporate reporting and requirements will be different from those users who will work with the system to assist in producing the necessary results. This is taken into consideration and enables the production of comprehensive functional and non-functional requirements and specifications. Our proficiency creates the perfect ERP system specification for your organisation, whilst adhering to time limitations and budget.

Service Benefits - ERP Analysis, Requirements & Specifications

The development of clarity around regulatory and management reporting requirements, together with the identification of all user requirements, will allow us to assist you in planning against recognised best-practice models.

Using these respected methodologies will streamline your processes, giving clarity on your specific functional and non-functional needs. This, together with our expert understanding of the ERP market, will facilitate the timely and cost-efficient selection and deployment plan of your ERP system.  This creates a reduction of risk in the project and programme delivery.

Throughout the project, you will have access to expert advice, templates and tools to guide you through each stage. Further assistance can also be provided with regular meetings to assess the progress, reducing the risk of arising issues or project scope creep. We maximise the success of your project to achieve the best possible results.


  • Functional and non-functional requirements
  • A more thorough understanding of your organisation
  • An understanding of how your requirements suit the systems market
  • Comprehensive documentation on which to base any next steps in the project will be provided
  • We can also provide a high-level overview of the systems market based on our many years of expertise, if required

What's next on your journey?

- Your Systems Roadmap (SAP, Oracle, Unit4 Business World etc)
- IT Strategy and Cyber Security
- System and Process Improvements Review / Health-Check
- Evaluation and Selection
- Sytems Implementation
- Commercial and Procurement
- Business Change and Transformation

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