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Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting

When it comes to planning, budgeting and forecasting for your organisation, it is important to get the process right in order to achieve accurate reporting and analytics to drive revenue growth amongst other successes.  

At Moore Insight, we combine our substantial financial expertise with innovative tools and processes to provide your organisation with the required support to manage financial performance. This covers long-term planning  and budget setting through to in year monitoring and re-forecasting with recording of narrative variance explanation. Our solutions are designed to integrate with your existing ERP system and month-end processes which in turn can prompt high levels of engagement between budget holders and finance teams. 

Our deep knowledge of the finance function and our expertise in public, private and non-profit sectors, uniquely places us to support your organisation with planning, budgeting and forecasting.  


  • Consolidation at all levels, organisation-wide.

  • Pre-submission scenario planning across different bodies.

  • Data integrity and version control with improved centralised processes.

  • Previous plan version roll-forward.

  • Full integration with existing systems.

  • Commentaries and other non-financial business metrics captured.

  • Simplified, defined and monitored processes and systems.

  • Single source of accurate data meaning everyone has access to the same data.

  • Instant user access to the correct information.


  • Instant access to accurate performance data.

  • Insight and analysis organisation-wide.

  • Accountability and ownership for budget holders and finance department.

  • Awareness of departmental and organisational financial performance.

  • Clean, accurate and non-contradictory information.

  • Improved audit trails and risk reduction with the assurance of financial compliance.

  • Streamlined processes to allow resources to be refocussed.

  • Increased confidence in financial reporting and forecasting.

  • Increased transparency and accountability with narrative variance explanation aiding long-term consistency.

What's next on your journey?

Our Financial Management pages provide more detail around our proven methodology and approach. There are also other services that might be useful to consider at this stage of your transformational journey:
  • Business Change and Transformation 
  • Your Systems Roadmap and your Transformational Strategy
  • IT Strategy and Cyber Security 
  • Financial Reconciliation and Rescue

All of our services can be found and procured via the Government's Digital Marketplace. 

How can Moore Insight help you?