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Collection Fund Deficit/Surplus Planning

With the localisation of non-domestic rates and the continued reductions in the level of central government grant available to local authorities, the operation of the Collection Fund has become more important than ever.  

Delivering high-quality results for you

We have the expertise to help clients by providing the surplus and deficit calculation for the Collection Fund (both Council Tax and Business Rates) for the current and future years. Our deep experience in Collection Fund surplus and deficit planning and our meticulous approach guarantee that we will fully support your organisation and will deliver high-quality results. 

At Moore Insight, we work with our specialist associate, Graham Oliver, (CIPFA) who has worked with local government organisations for many years in order to provide this specialist service.  

For more information on this service, you can read Graham’s article below: 

Local Councils Collection Funds Accounting Support


What's next on your journey?

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All of our services can be found and procured via the Government's Digital Marketplace. 

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