Evaluation and Selection

ERP (Finance, HR, Payroll, Procurement) Systems Evaluation & Selection


With Moore Insight you will benefit from our extensive experience of the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems market to develop your commercial and contractual strategy and architecture. Our experience is critical to ensure full evaluation and procurement of optimal multi-source solutions; the key to maximising your Return on Investment. 

The outcomes from this service come in the form of comprehensive documented plans, ensuring structured processes, promoting fair and efficient evaluation and selection.

Service Features – ERP Evaluation & Selection

We will undertake a functional and accounting analysis of your organisation to create a requirements/outcomes definition which is at the core of our Systems Evaluation and Selection Service.

Our small and agile team of specialist consultants work closely with your team to develop procurement, commercial and contractual strategy and plans. Where there is a multi-supplier architecture we help to create a supplier management strategy.

Sourcing options are then reviewed against CCS frameworks, together with a thorough analysis of relevant market sectors. To mitigate the risk of commodity IT services and SMEs, we perform a maturity and risk evaluation to ensure the future robustness of the selected systems.

We work alongside you to complete a thorough tendering process, including tendering documents, tender evaluation, reviewing and comparing the tender responses and concluding the process with the evaluation and moderation of responses.

Commercial transition planning will include a review of the steps necessary to implement and integrate new systems, as well as exiting from incumbent contracts.

We will facilitate early supplier engagement to establish a strong relationship ensuring a thorough understanding of your requirements from the start of the Evaluation and Selection process.

Service Benefits – ERP Evaluation & Selection

Our experience of producing thorough tender documentation based on sound expert analysis, fused with our efficient evaluation and procurement of the most advantageous multi-source solutions, ensures a streamlined and professional Evaluation and Selection process. It saves time, money and oversights from the project outset and thereafter. 

Our team are qualified, experienced accountants with an in-depth understanding of the accounting landscape and the unique, complex and legal constraints of public sector organisations, as well as the financial challenges within large and composite organisations. One benefit of our 360 degree view of ERP Evaluation and Selection is a unique outlook that enables the creation of structured and transparent engagements with suppliers, whilst remaining independent, helping you to forge strong relationships as you move forward.

We minimise risk and costs by managing simultaneous exits from existing contracts and maximise Return on Investment resulting from an expertly generated, solid structure, in conjunction with maximising savings through commodity and traditional service contract negotiations, using best practice, industry knowledge and invaluable experience.

The system experience you will benefit from includes SAP, Oracle, NetSuite, Unit4, Microsoft, Advanced and MHR.


  • Documented evaluation of ERP systems, reviewed against relevant frameworks and market analysis
  • Procurement, commercial and contractual strategy and plans including multi-supplier strategy
  • Fulfillment of a thorough tender process
  • Complete documentation on any next steps in the project
  • Supplier engagement to forge strong relationships
  • Contract management to oversee exits from existing contracts and negotiating new contracts

What's next on your journey?

- IT Strategy and Cyber Security
- System and Process Improvements Review / Health-Check
- Sytems Implementation
- Commercial and Procurement
- Business Change and Transformation

All of our services can be found and procured via the Government's Digital Marketplace.