ERP Systems Implementation

ERP (Finance, HR, Payroll, Procurement) Systems Implementation

Moore Insight will assist you with the full, optimised implementation of your ERP system. We ensure a smooth transition on your digital transformation journey, maximising the benefits of the system, aligning them with your required strategic outcomes.

We have over 30 years’ experience with successful delivery to both public and private sector clients. Our ERP Systems Implementation Service gives you access to our unique frameworks and our objective, unbiased expertise, providing an ERP system tailored specifically to the needs of your organisation.

Service Features – ERP Systems Implementation

Using proven, cost-effective project management methodologies including PRINCE2 and Agile, fused with our TIM (Total Implementation Matrix) approach, we enable an archetypal ERP Implementation, delivered in a controlled but fully adaptable environment.

Our ERP Systems Implementation Service ensures the systems integrated are ready-to-use, quality assured and gives the added peace of mind knowing that all users are fully trained on the new system.

We implement small to large-scale systems, in private and public clouds, whilst maintaining high levels of data protection and security, with sector-specific knowledge of Codes of Conduct and Regulations. System Processes and User Roles will be defined and set up against APQC standard frameworks, alongside the definition and set up of security structures and controls.

Our ability to support both remote and on-site client engagement and service delivery is critical and an essential feature of our ERP Implementation Service. We fuse our collaborative, adaptable and innovative approach with our technical expertise, to ensure that no matter what is going on in the world outside, the world inside your organisation keeps moving.

Our sector experience includes: Central Government, Local Government, Healthcare, Charities, Not-for-Profit, as well as system experience in: SAP, Oracle, NetSuite, Unit4, Microsoft, Advanced, MHR.

Service Benefits – ERP Systems Implementation

The training we offer gives the bigger picture to all users, showing them the importance of their ERP system role within your organisation’s strategic goals. This highlights how their individual engagement and input contributes to the output of the overall strategic outcomes, creating an environment of collaboration. This ensures the systems are fully utilised from the outset. Training all users provides optimal long-term use of the system, with strong knowledge retention when staff changes inevitably happen.

Knowledge of the structure of a government and their interrelated relationships and other factors is an essential aspect of our service. We plan your implementation project with our embodied knowledge of Governance frameworks and we work to established procedures. This gives you the security of knowing the implemented system will maximise the success of your project and you will achieve the best possible outcomes.

You will save considerable local effort, scope creep and keep costs to a minimum by utilising our business-side support to implementation. Harnessing our experience will ensure your project success, allowing for a quick, cost-effective implementation. This keeps your organisation’s focus is on strategic activities due to a more efficient implementation process.

With our experience and approach to systems implementation, we are adept at working to established methodology and processes. You will benefit from an ERP system that is the most suitable for your requirements, scales and fluently adapts to changes and facilitates the ultimate goals of your organisation.


  • Defined system processes and user roles, set up against APQC taxonomy
  • Security structures and controls established
  • Remote and on-site client engagement and service delivery
  • Full user engagement and training
  • Efficient and cost-effective implementation of the most suitable ERP system
  • Documentation of any next steps 

What's next on your journey?

- IT Strategy and Cyber Security
- System and Process Improvements Review / Health-Check
- Business Change and Transformation

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