Power BI Dashboards, Reports and Analytics

Transform fragmented data sources into clear, intelligible and deeply engaging reports. Power BI lets you easily connect your data sources, from Excel spreadsheets and/or a collection of hybrid data warehouses, to accurately reveal and share what is important.


  • Create and view clear, compelling and memorable reports and dashboards, personalised with your KPIs and branding.

  • Real-time reports and access to real-time analytics to enable timely decisions, enabling accurate progress monitoring and to know what’s happening right now.

  • Collaborate directly within a dashboard or report, working on data together to analyse, share and promote insights organisation-wide, with accuracy, consistency and security.

  • Automate report preparation, updates and sharing.

  • Set a threshold for data changes and receive alerts when this threshold is reached.

  • Fast, AI-powered answers to your business intelligence questions, even when asking with conversational language.

  • Push data into datasets or embed reports into applications.

  • Sensitivity classification and data loss prevention for security and compliance.

  • Build powerful end-to-end solutions by connecting to the Power Platform.

  • Dynamic, user-friendly interfaces that are more visually appealing for all users.


  • Capitalise on your data investments by connecting all your data, reducing added costs, complexities and the added security risks of multiple solutions.

  • Empower your whole organisation to make quick, data-driven decisions with confidence, that drive strategic actions.

  • Create and share interactive data visualizations globally, including national clouds to meet your compliance and regulation needs.

  • Generate stunning reports with no or little technical background.

  • Create amazing data experiences

  • Find clarity by discovering insights hidden in your data.

  • Gain insights with data visualizations, built-in AI and Excel integration.

  • Find trends, insights and other business intelligence in non-static data.

  • Create a data-driven culture with business intelligence accessible by all.

  • Provide decision makers with the metrics required to track, monitor and assess various business processes. Comprehensive online training packages provided free-of-charge.

  • Empower users with formidable reporting solutions to connect, model and visualise data.

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