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MS Office 365 Strategy and Advisory

Microsoft 365 is far more than Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Its substantial value is in its huge potential to create innovative and seamless collaboration, teamwork and information-sharing spaces, wherever your team are located. We enable you to extract all the benefits from the entire suite of tools, tailored specifically to your organisation and your people to maximise your return on investment.

A unified Microsoft cloud platform will deliver strategic value to your organisation by creating a sustainable, agile and highly-secure workplace culture. Microsoft Office 365 tools pull together information, solving problems and finding solutions.


  • Overview of Office 365 tools and how to exploit all the benefits within your organisation.
  • A clear strategy and plan for implementation and/or optimisation.
  • Extensive secure collaboration and productivity improvements, internally and externally.
  • More collaborative and supportive culture across your organisation.
  • Multiple users working concurrently on documents.
  • Automate manual business processes and notifications.
  • Automate dashboards & detailed reporting across multiple data sources.
  • Working knowledge of functionality and benefits of the full suite.
  • Staff trained with the right tools to succeed.
  • Document Management: Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint.
  • Productivity: Word, Excel, Outlook, Calendar, PowerPoint, OneNote, Tasks, People, Visio.
  • Planning: Project, Planner, Project for the Web, To Do.
  • Collaboration and teamwork: Teams, Stream, Skype, Sway, Yammer.
  • Systems, Apps & Workflow: Forms, PowerApps, Dynamics 365, Power Automate.
  • Reporting: PowerBI, MyAnalytics, Delve.
  • Security & Administration: SecureScore, Reporting, Cloud App Security.
  • Strategy development for training, launch & user adoption.


  • Support remote working with the ability to pack your office into a laptop and work from anywhere.
  • Enable teamwork and simplify workflow
  • Collaborate, meet, call, and connect business apps—all in one place with Teams.
  • Stay productive on the go with easy transition from computer to mobile device with innovative and powerful mobile apps
  • Get more done with AI-enabled tools
  • Fuel creativity, discover new insights, elevate search, and get personalized assistance with built-in intelligence features.
  • Harness organizational knowledge and turn data into insights fast, empowering employees with the information and expertise they need to get their work done.
  • Manage all your endpoints by deploying seamless, end-to-end solutions with visibility across all connected devices.
  • Protect your business by upgrading and modernising your security, manage risks and meeting compliance standards with the trusted Microsoft cloud.
  • Modernise your workplace with AI in Microsoft 365. Optimise efficiencies and creates better experiences for customers.
  • Empower people with essential collaboration tools in Microsoft 365 to enable business transformation.
  • Drastically reduce the time taken to complete outmoded manual processes by implementing secure communication efficiencies through Microsoft Office 365 applications
  • Remain compliant with local security regulations for different countries
  • Protect against threats and protect critical infrastructure and sensitive data to ensure adherence to Data Protection and GDPR.
  • Transforms coordination and communication within and between agencies
  • Intelligent security delivery with holistic security across users, devices, apps and data.

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