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ERP Implementation Advisory Services

Stay on track, on budget and achieve your ERP digital transformation objectives with the experts, Moore Insight.

Implementing a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system involves major costs and business change, covering many areas of the organisation. With statistics showing more than 50% of reported ERP implementations fail, detailed project planning and resources to cover all workstreams, alongside the choice of software partner, is where our service becomes essential.
With over 30 years’ experience with successful delivery, Moore Insight will assist you with the full, optimised implementation of your ERP system, tailored specifically to your organisation’s needs. We ensure a smooth transition on your digital transformation journey, maximising the benefits of the system, aligning them with your required strategic outcomes.  



  • A successful ERP Implementation, delivered in a controlled but adaptable environment.

  • Proven, cost-effective project management methodologies including PRINCE2 and Agile, together with our TIM (Total Implementation Matrix) approach.

  • Full lifecycle service from planning to go-live, including full design, build, migration, integration, testing, reporting, workflows, training and cut-over service.

  • All-scale systems on both private and public clouds.

  • Highly secure service and adherence to data protection legislation.

  • Integrated systems will be ready-to-use, quality-assured and all users will be fully trained on the new system.

  • Our service supports both remote and on-site client engagement and service delivery.

  • A collaborative, adaptable and innovative approach, with technical expertise to gain better insight, spur innovative ideas, improve communication

  • A smooth digital transformation journey that maximises the benefits of the chosen system and aligns the features and applications with your required strategic outcomes, whilst retaining stakeholder engagement.

  • Our sector experience includes: Central Government, Local Government, Healthcare, Charities, Not-for-Profit, as well as system experience in: SAP, Oracle, Netsuite, Unit4, Microsoft, Advanced, MHR. 


  • Improve cross-functional team collaboration to gain better insight, engage employees and spur innovative ideas.

  • Save considerable local effort, reduce scope creep and keep costs to a minimum with our business-side support to implementation.

  • Improve communication skills, team development and improved team participation.

  • Staff training to provide optimal long-term use of the system, with strong knowledge retention when staff changes inevitably happen, to ensure systems are fully utilised from the outset.

  • Save considerable local effort, reduce scope creep and keep costs to a minimum by utilising our business-side support to implementation.

  • Project success by utilising our knowledge, experience and resources to ensure your project success.

  • Refocus your organisation on strategic outcomes and activities due to more efficient process.

  • Benefit from an ERP system that is the most suitable for your requirements, that scales and adapts to changes and facilitates the ultimate goals of your organisation.


  • Defined system processes and user roles, set up against APQC taxonomy

  • Security structures and controls established

  • Remote and on-site client engagement and service delivery

  • Full user engagement and training

  • Efficient and cost-effective implementation of the most suitable ERP system

  • Documentation of any next steps 

What's next on your journey?

  • IT Strategy and Cyber Security
  • System and Process Improvements Review / Health-Check
  • Supplier Contract MOT
  • IT Supplier Negotiation

All of our services can be found and procured via the Government's Digital Marketplace. 

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