Commercial and Procurement Support

ERP (Finance, HR, Payroll, Procurement) Systems Commercial and Procurement Support


Moore Insight have expert knowledge of public sector procurement rules and the ERP systems landscape, giving a unique vantage point that our clients benefit from with our ERP Commercial and Procurement Service.

We fully support you throughout the process and guide you through procurement options which include the use of digital marketplace frameworks, as well as OJEU and open tenders. We are also happy to assist with any commercial negotiation and contract reviews.

Service Features – Commercial and Procurement

Moore Insight will review your business and identify the key processes your organisation performs and assess their correlation in accordance with APQC process frameworks. Our collaborative working approach ensures we fully understand from the inside out your organisation’s unique requirements and we undertake and evidence-based assessment of the current processes and systems.

Our team liaise with all stakeholders to clarify and assess the functional and non-functional requirements and service levels, using all the gathered information to evaluate the ideal ERP solution. We are independent from ERP software providers, ensuring our Commercial and Procurement Service Consultants offer wholly impartial and candid advice based on your requirements, together with our considerable industry knowledge. The market analysis performed, together with the range of procurement options, are reviewed against CCS frameworks.

Our consultants have in-depth knowledge and proficiency of the accounting sphere and legal constraints within public sector organisations, coupled with the financial challenges faced by large and complex organisations.

The Commercial and Procurement service supports you in the production of tender documents and the evaluation, comparison and moderation of responses. You will have access to our templated tools to effectively manage and track performance against plans, budget and resources. We facilitate pre-market engagement to encourage strong relationships from the beginning and we enable the co-ordination of software demonstrations. If necessary, we guide you on questions to enable clarification and to ensure a fair and transparent process.

We fully align your procurement strategy with corporate objectives and support the creation of a sound business case.

Service Benefits – Commercial and Procurement

This service offers accelerated procurement through expert knowledge of regulations and a balanced, structured and transparent approach. It offers unlimited access to the current supplier and systems market as well as crucial knowledge of CCS frameworks and other procurement routes.

Our unique and innovative approach enables true supplier engagement which aids in highlighting key differentiators and critical requirement evaluation.

The integration of our team and yours on all projects ensures stakeholders are all fully on board with the commercial and procurement process from the beginning, encouraging user engagement with the procurement process and beyond.

Our financially and legally astute consultants provide detailed assessments of costs, benefits and Return on Investment. We have complex contract expertise including licensing, systems, and service provision, resulting in the minimisation of risks and costs through effective contract negotiations.

Our experts demystify the cloud options including cloud hosted, PaaS, SaaS and IaaS and give you clarity on the evaluation, selection and procurement process based on your unique process and finance requirements.


  • Documented assessment of your organisation's current systems and processes
  • Evaluation of functional and non-functional requirements and service levels
  • Well defined procurement options to identify the most suitable solutions
  • A broader insight into your organisation
  • Pre-market supplier engagement
  • Guidance and administration on the tendering process 
  • A clearer picture on the best-suited cloud options
  • Documented next steps 

What's next on your journey?

- Your Systems Roadmap (SAP, Oracle, Unit4 Business World etc)
- IT Strategy and Cyber Security
- System and Process Improvements Review / Health-Check
- Sytems Implementation
- Business Change and Transformation

All of our services can be found and procured via the Government's Digital Marketplace.