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Business Process Optimisation

Moore Insight use globally-recognised taxonomy and tools (see Our Quality) to assess and evaluate the current processes your organisation uses, at the level of process, task or activity. We assess the maturity and criticality of the processes and identify significant gaps or pain points.

Our Business Process Optimisation services help you to stay competitive with nimble processes, assisting you with adapting and deploying flexible processes that evolve with changing business needs.


  • A thorough analysis of current processes based on standards and benchmarks recognised globally.
  • A gap analysis comparison of actual (current) performance with potential or desired (future) performance to include current state analysis, maturity score, criticality score, future state analysis.
  • 5-point maturity assessment: strategy, process, systems, resources, and governance.
  • Facilitate the capture of variant processes or specialist tasks and activities, with the option to analyse and review multiple organisations or across departments and divisions.
  • Index and classify all systems used for process delivery.
  • Evaluate of impact between current and future state.


  • Improve productivity with optimised process capabilities and remove task repetition, eliminate bottlenecks in workflow.  
  • Enhance business processes will motivate your team by reducing and eliminating tedious, repetitive tasks.
  • Discover automation opportunities, reduce human error and increase security measures to protect data and reduce risk.
  • Amplify transparency and implement regulatory requirements to maintain and improve compliance.
  • Highlight and resolve gaps between criticality and maturity of processes and systems.
  • Identify variances between organisations or departmental groups and divisions.
  • Evaluate and cross-check systems in use by the business and its IT architecture.
  • Reveal dependencies on off-line systems and single points of failure.
  • Highlight and solve governance gaps and threats to sustainability or continuous improvement.
  • Ascertain resource capacity and capability issues underlying process delivery, and flags possible process ownership issues.
  • Deliver understanding of the scope of required business change.

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