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Business Change and Transformation

Moore Insight have extensive experience of delivering and supporting business change and transformation programmes for our public, private and third-sector clients. For business change to be effective, we understand the importance of the workplace culture as a key aspect of stakeholder buy-in.
By respecting and dovetailing with your working practices, we can best support and input to your change management and transformation programmes. We can engage at whatever level you need, from helping you define a vision and strategy, leading delivery, to providing support to existing teams or individuals you may already have in place.

Aspects of Business Change and Transformation

We use a range of best practice methodologies when managing change as illustrated in the change kaleidoscope below. It is important to understand the cultural, environmental and human factors as well as the more practical factors like scope and capacity.


Best Practice

We use best practice methods, not just to deliver change, but to ensure it is embedded into the culture of the organisation and sustained beyond the delivery programme. Using structured analysis, we can help you articulate how your change impacts different stakeholder groups at role level, so they understand what it means for them.

Aspects of culture we consider in our approach to change:

  • Encouraging staff to take ownership of issues to ask questions and provide solutions. Our approach is collaborative, and we ensure we explain and engage before moving forward.

  • Change Management processes must observe people’s differences and maximise opportunities and engagement throughout.

  • Typically, organisations have been dealing with manual, sometimes unaligned processes and have had to ‘make things work’. Our Change Management approach must actively demonstrate how the new ways of working are better, not just different.

  • Your organisation may already be on a change journey, or as a minimum, wanting to increase your ‘speed of change’ in order to deliver excellence to your customers and citizens with a decreasing budget. Our Change Management work must demonstrate the benefits, value and advantages of new systems, to enable employees to meet such objectives and give them greater opportunity to leverage new systems and ways of working.

  • We look for ways to create positive associations with new ways of working and acknowledge and reward the desired new behaviours.

Business Change and Transformation support we offer:

  • Stakeholder Analysis including identification and mapping

  • Setting Vision and Objectives for Change

  • Business Change Impact Assessment

  • Preparing Business Change Strategy

  • Detailing Business Change Plans

  • Undertaking Business Change Interventions

  • Stakeholder Engagement

  • Organisational Readiness

  • Communications Strategy, Plans and Messaging

  • Training Needs Analysis, Strategy, Plans, Course and Material Development and Delivery

  • Supporting User Enablement and User Adoption


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