Our Frameworks

Government Frameworks

For more than 30 years, we have been supporting Central Government, Local Government and the wider Public Sector and Charities with their digital transformation projects, delivering successful solutions to challenging problems.


We have been a proud supplier on Crown Commercial Service (CCS) frameworks for many years now. CCS supports the public sector to achieve maximum commercial value when procuring common goods and services.

What is a framework agreement?

A framework agreement or framework is a list of pre-qualified suppliers who can bid for tenders around a certain group or Lot of goods, works or services. The framework sets out the terms such as price, quality, quantities, and timescales, under which, contracts may be awarded by  buyers, during the period of the framework.

Why use a framework AGREEMENT?

A framework agreement can deliver a variety of benefits to your organisation, such as:
  • Cost savings from economies of scale
  • Faster and more efficient procurement of services since suppliers are pre-qualified
  • Lower administrative burden due to standardised terms and guidance
  • Reduced risks by calling off services only when required
  • High quality and value of procured services due to competition between suppliers
  • Solutions tailored to your organisation’s needs
  • Complies with procurement regulation


G-CLOUD 12 (G12) Framework

G-Cloud is a quick and easy route for UK central government, wider public sector, and charities to purchase the latest cloud-based, off-the-shelf computing services such as hosting, software, and support, including many pay-as-you-go cloud solutions.

Over 38,000 services from over 5,200 suppliers are made available through a front-end catalogue called the Digital Marketplace that you can procure from. G-Cloud is ideal if your organisation has simple, low-value requirements for cloud services.

This CCS guide explains how you can procure services on G-Cloud by following a 6-step buying process.

Moore Insight have been delivering services on G-Cloud since 2015 to our clients including: Department for Transport, Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, UK Anti-Doping, and Oxford University Hospitals.

Examples of our services available on G-Cloud are:

Lot 2: Cloud Software
  1. Databrydge Cloud Integration and Interface Software
  2. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) AIM ETL Data Transformation and Migration Tool
  3. Eye2Scan Audit Tool (for SAP, CODA, and Movex)
  4. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (ERP) Software
  5. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (Cloud CRM) Software
Lot 3: Cloud Support
  1. ERP Systems Programme and Project Management, Governance and Assurance
  2. ERP Systems Business Case Development and Business Justification
  3. ERP Systems Implementation Lifecycle Support (Planning to Go-Live)
  4. ERP Systems Business Analysis, Requirements Definition and System Specification
  5. ERP (Finance, HR, Payroll, Procurement) Systems Evaluation and Selection
  6. ERP (Finance, HR, Payroll, Procurement) Systems Commercial and Procurement Support
  7. IT Contract MOT
  8. IT Supplier Negotiations
  9. ERP (Finance, HR, Payroll, Procurement) Systems Implementation
  10. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (Cloud CRM) Implementation
  11. Microsoft Office 365 Strategy and Advisory Services
  12. Power BI Dashboards, Reporting and Analytics
  13. ERP (Finance, HR, Payroll, Procurement) Systems Interfaces and Integration Support
  14. ERP (Finance, HR, Payroll, Procurement) Systems Data Conversion and Migration
  15. ERP (Finance, HR, Payroll, Procurement) Systems Training
  16. ERP (Finance, HR, Payroll, Procurement) Systems Business Change and Transformation
  17. ERP (Finance, HR, Payroll, Procurement) Systems and Process Review, Health Check and Optimisation
  18. Audit Support Services (for SAP, CODA and Movex)
  19. ERP (Finance, HR, Payroll, Procurement) Systems Upgrade / Re-Implementation / Refresh
  20. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (Cloud CRM) Membership Support
  21. Financial Reconciliation / Financial Rescue / Emergency Accountancy Services
  22. Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting
  23. Collection Fund Deficit / Surplus Planning

Software Design and Implementation Services (SDIS) Framework

SDIS provides a route for all UK public sector and charities to buy specialist support for design, implementation, change management and business transformation when deploying new back office enterprise systems or upgrading legacy IT systems. Get the help you need to transform your back office, such as ERP, finance, HR, procurement functions from bespoke systems to efficient, industry-standard processes, enabled by Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) software.

SDIS is ideal if your organisation has specific, high-value or complex requirements that cannot be met by commoditised, catalogue-style frameworks such as G-Cloud. The associated software can be purchased from CCS Back Office Software framework.

This CCS guide explains how you can procure services on SDIS by running a further competition. SDIS is a new CCS framework which commenced on 23 March 2021.

Our services on SDIS fall under the following categories:
  1. Strategy
  2. Architecture
  3. Design
  4. Software selection
  5. Impact assessment
  6. Implementation
  7. Integration
  8. Data migration
  9. Change management
  10. Training
Digital Outcomes and Specialists 5 (DOS 5) Framework
DOS can be used by all UK public sector and charities to find teams or individual specialists to design, build, and provide bespoke digital services, such as a booking system or an accessibility audit, using an agile approach. It can also be used to find physical space in which to conduct user research and users with appropriate characteristics to test your service.

The framework is ideal if your organisation’s needs cannot be met by current off-the-shelf solutions which can be procured via G-cloud or Back Office Software (BOS).

This CCS guide explains how you can procure services on DOS5 by running a further competition.

Our services and specialists available on DOS are:

Digital Outcomes: Service delivery; Software development; Testing and auditing; Security; Support and operations; Performance analysis and data; User experience and design; User research.

Digital Specialists: Portfolio manager; Programme manager; Delivery manager; Product manager; Service manager; Business analyst; Technical architect; Developer; Data architect; Data engineer; Cyber security consultant; User researcher; Communications manager.

Back Office Software (BOS) Framework

BOS provides a route for all UK public sector and charities to buy off-the-shelf, cloud, on premise or hybrid solutions for back-office applications, including Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Finance, and Human Capital Management (HCM) software, directly from major vendors and specialist SME software suppliers. It also provides access to minimal associated professional services to help configure and implement new solutions, support, and maintenance options to help extend a product’s lifecycle, as well as contract renewals for existing software.

BOS is ideal for customers who need to have a clear split between a contract with a software provider and the supplier providing professional services. You can buy implementation, design, and change management services using CCS Software Design and Implementation Services (SDIS) framework.

This CCS guide explains how you can procure services on BOS by running a further competition or using the direct award catalogue listings available on the Government eMarketplace.

Our services on BOS are provided through our partner Advanced Business Software and Solutions Limited.


Management Consultancy Framework (MCF)

MCF provides a simple route for all UK public sector and charities to buy consultancy advice on a range of requirements in the areas of finance, audit, HR, health and community, education, infrastructure, ICT, and digital technologies.

This CCS guide explains how you can procure services on MCF.

Our services on MCF are provided through our partner Azets Holdings Limited (formerly Scott Moncrieff):

Lot 2: Finance

We provide advice to help you set up and optimise your finance systems for effective financial management. This includes consultancy on:
  1. Financial accounting and reporting
  2. Statutory reporting
  3. Forecasting and budgeting
  4. Funding management
Lot 8: ICT and Digital

We help you manage your ICT and digital transformations by offering advice in the following areas and more:
  1. Current system appraisal and opportunity definition
  2. System roadmap development
  3. Programme and project management
  4. Business case development
  5. Transformation, change and delivery

What we do


ERP and Digital Transformation

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and Digital transformation are both essential with ensuring competitive and challenging business environments. Moore Insight will ensure you come out on top with process or operational efficiencies.

Business Change

We work with you and your organisation to understand, plan, implement and communicate, to enable you to innovate, grow, develop, and create new business opportunities and empower your organisation and its people.

Financial Management

The crucial key to business success is good financial management. Whatever industry you are in, we assist you with controlling costs, incorporating robust financial processes and ensuring accurate reporting of financial data.

How can Moore Insight help you?