Paul Stockton, Moore Insight Director, Supports DWR in Response to COVID-19

As a firm, Moore Insight have been focused on working with our clients through the lockdown period but also supporting where we can, the wider community during this pandemic. Paul Stockton, a Director of Moore Insight, is currently working with Diagnostics for the Real World (DWR) in order to help manage the supply chain for the manufacture their SAMBA II Instruments, which are in high demand during the current pandemic. The instruments are issued to those in need of a fast turnaround of COVID-19 tests. The CE-marked SAMBA SARS-CoV-2 system is a Point-of-Care diagnostic platform designed to specifically detect the presence of coronavirus in nose and throat swab samples. Paul is helping the team (who are based at Chesterfield Research Park near Cambridge) with their expansion strategy and commercial strategy, including their supplier engagement and cost control. 

What is SAMBA?

DWR originally produced SAMBA II to diagnose HIV across Africa, but as a reaction to the current Coronavirus crisis the use of the machine has being adapted in order to run rapid COVID-19 tests.  SAMBA II has been deployed in a number of hospitals country-wide and is in demand from a wide range of organisations ranging from retirement homes and prisons to football clubs.
SAMBA II is able to produce a diagnosis with a turnaround time of roughly 75 – 90 minutes, meaning that each machine can handle 10 – 15 tests per day.  In a hospital setting 8 to 16 machines are typically deployed together to cope with the volume of tests required. The machines are specially designed for true point of care and do not need laboratory facilities so can be placed in a normal room.  They are simple to use and do not require specialised medical personnel to operate them. Most importantly, they are easily transportable so can be relocated to wherever they are needed the most. We look forward to following Paul and DWR’s progress with this all too important project, and will provide followers with updates as efforts develop.