New Client Announcement

Moore Insight with "InConcert" Solution Announce New Local Government Client

As part of the latest phase of its continuing transformation, the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham has selected Moore Insight's "InConcert" solution for the transformation of its core business systems and on-going support.

This team brings together two UK local government software market-specialists covering Finance, Human Resources, Payroll and collaborative planning technologies overlayed with market-leading expertise to support the council with their transformational aspirations.

The integrated ERP solution is evidenced for being highly efficient and very cost effective to meet many modern local authority challenges. With a focus also on Social Value delivery, the InConcert team bring a strong plan to help meet The London Borough of Barking and Dagenham’s key challenges and objectives for creating stronger, safer and healthier communities, as outlined in the council’s Borough Manifesto.

InConcert, formed by Moore Insight (Moore Stephens Insight Ltd) brings together leading Advanced (Cloud Financials) and MHR (iTrent for HR/Payroll) with 24% and 42% Local Government market share respectively, integrating them seamlessly to meet the council’s objectives.

Moore Insight is a specialist ERP and Business Change advisory firm, supporting organisations through every stage of the ERP journey, including a strong understanding of the complex reporting and regulatory needs of public sector organisations.
Barking and Dagenham Finance Director, Philip Gregory said:

“Our focus is on having a well-run organisation which ultimately enables the council to improve outcomes for our residents. Our ‘new kind of council’ model has transformed our front-line services and transforming these core business support systems will enable us to continue to achieve our strategic priorities.

“Moore Insight’s “InConcert” proposal offered this capability alongside great value by bringing together the Advanced Cloud Financials and MHR solutions, complemented by their own expertise in delivering end user focussed improvements and system enhancements aimed at achieving benefits and savings to the council”.

The InConcert structure was designed by Peter Morley, Director of Moore Insight, who has been a local and central government accounting and systems expert for more than 30 years. Working at the heart of government and supporting decision-making in the digital age, Peter believes in bringing solutions that offer the best value for money and the most appropriate functionality for the marketplace.    

“This is a major opportunity to bring together two established solutions focused on the UK public sector to work as one from the Cloud, covering the functional footprint of Human Resources, Payroll, Finance and Procurement, in a user friendly, cost effective manner. A proudly UK based product set to serve a thriving borough for the next ten years,” Peter said.

With Barking and Dagenham Council committed to the use of new technology to support the way it works, InConcert focuses on meeting the needs of the council today and for the future. The council has the ability to influence the product and the solutions are integrated in a way that enables it and the InConcert team to co-develop and innovate moving forwards, introducing new technologies and AI tools where needed for driving efficiency and delivery of services.

Advanced bring Cloud Financials and collaborative planning, which is used by a number of London boroughs already. MHR are market-leaders, bringing iTrent for HR/Payroll, well-known for its flexibility and accessibility. Both solutions are mature across local government without too much complexity from the box, providing better cost efficiencies.

As part of its Borough Manifesto (2018), Barking and Dagenham Council outlined the challenges it faces in being one of the most deprived and growing, yet culturally diverse populations in the UK. This means that demand on public services is ever-increasing. As a way of addressing this, the council require Social Value commitments from suppliers when procuring goods and services.

The InConcert team have proposed a strong approach throughout the term of the contract to deliver Social Value activities that help the council deliver its vision and strategic priorities to tackle the challenges of a post-pandemic world.

Some key market differentiators of the InConcert offering:

  • InConcert is a fully managed on Cloud solution
  • The configuration is managed in-house, bringing back services within Council control, reducing reliance on 3rd party service providers.  
  • There is flexibility with this best of breed solution, you get what you want with local government best practice.
  • MHR and Advanced are both the market leaders in providing successful local authority solutions, each have an extremely positive customer base.
  • InConcert bring a robust Project Management based delivery.
  • Moore Insight are well-known experts in the local government market for supporting clients in identifying and implementing the best solutions for the client’s needs, meeting the end-to-end objectives. As many of their team are qualified accountants and experienced ERP project managers, they understand both local authority and central government accounting and systems requirements. 
  • Moore Insight have 30+ years of detailed understanding of local authorities and deep knowledge of what they need to do from a Finance/HR and Business Change perspective to achieve their goals. As an SME, they provide agility as a team and are able to react quickly with scalability.
  • InConcert re-investing into the UK economy by employing people across UK regions. Both solution providers and Moore Insight are based in the UK. 
  • InConcert have appointed a Social Value Delivery Co-ordinator for this project.

If you would like to know more about Moore Insight and the InConcert offering, please do get in touch with the Business Development team: