GovMoney Conference: Presenting the ERP Journey

Author: Kate Hill & Anais Cherian

Where are you on your journey to achieving efficient, effective finance and associated functions for your organisation in 2020? Technology and digital transformation are playing a huge part for many organisations and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) including finance, HR, payroll, procurement and many more are integral to this transformation.    
At GovMoney, the seminar presented by Oz Oscroft, our Business Operations Manager, provided a walk-through of the end-to-end journey for organizations interested in complete digital transformation. We highlighted the key processes behind choosing the right systems, de-risking it and implementing it smoothly, not an easy task without professional support. MS Insight also discussed how we can provide support around the implementation and configuration of new or existing system. For your information, we have uploaded our presentation as well as some more information on the services we provide:

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