Are you getting the most out of your finance system?

Finance systems can be a substantial investment for any organisation; when designed and implemented appropriately they provide the foundation to deliver meaningful financial information and control.

However organisations often suffer from suboptimal finance systems and the benefits are not achieved, worse… they might lead to costly inefficiencies, poor financial control and financial scrutiny.

How we can help

Our team works with you to rapidly assess opportunities to improve your finance systems (or identify the need to replace them), create a roadmap for implementation and a programme for unlocking significant value.

High level diagnostic 
Using our established methodologies we carry out a review of your current systems, processes and requirement to identify areas for improvement

Options assessment 
We work with you to identify practical and pragmatic options which might include re-implementation, added functionality, replacement, move to a shared system/service etc.

We work with you to implement any changes required. Depending on the in-house skills we can provide a full implementation team or simply high level guidance to your team or a combination of the two.

Why Moore Insight?

Finance systems optimisation is one of our core services. We are independent from any software supplier and provide independent unbiased advice.

We have experience of all the main systems in the market including Oracle, Agresso, JD Edwards, Open Accounts, IBS Integra, Sun Accounts and others.

Moore Insight has over 20 years experience of supporting clients to review, re-implement or replace finance systems to ensure they meet your needs.

Our approach is based on the following principles:

For a finance function to operate effectively, systems and processes need to be architected optimally so that accounting transactions can be turned in to meaningful financial information to serve multiple purposes without the need for rework or manual intervention.

Key to this is ensuring that accounting outputs are known and understood and that systems are configured and maintained correctly to preserve the integrity and quality of financial information. This is essential if the accountancy and business support services are to function effectively and the organisation can rely on ‘one version of the truth’.

What you receive:

  • A report of our findings outlining areas for improvement
  • Practical, cost effective finance systems options suitable to your needs
  • A roadmap to implement the changes required
  • An expert team with many years experience in this area

Our offer:

For a free initial one hour consultation to discuss your requirements, contact us at the following email address: