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How our team spent their Team Day this September?

How our team spent their Team Day this September?

On 22nd September MOORE Insight headed out of the office for our team day. After a busy year with huge team growth and an office move it gave us time to get to know one another better. Focused on community participation and team building activities, our Team Day spanned across the entire city of Sheffield.

We started our day at our charity of the year, Endeavour Youth and Community. It’s a Sheffield-based organisation that supports vulnerable youth across South Yorkshire by engaging them in a variety of activities.

MOORE Insight has worked towards raising funds for Endeavour for the past 9 months. In April, our team completed the Three Peaks Challenge and raised more than £4,000.

During our team day, everyone dedicated themselves to improving the gardens by rebuilding the compost area and weeding out plants and trees.

WhatsApp-Image-2022-09-22-at-12-54-03.jpeg WhatsApp-Image-2022-09-22-at-12-53-31.jpeg

Patrick Callingham, the Head of Education at Endeavour, said: “I am really pleased with how much you did to improve the look and feel of the place in such a short space of time. We want the young people to come to a pleasant environment as part of their endeavour experience.”

WhatsApp-Image-2022-09-22-at-12-53-26.jpeg WhatsApp-Image-2022-09-22-at-12-53-26-(2).jpeg WhatsApp-Image-2022-09-22-at-12-54-04-(2).jpeg

Our Marketing Support, Romesa Razzaq, added: “It was an immense pleasure to make an impact outside of the office. You do not realise the importance of organisations like Endeavour until you come face to face with their work.

“I had more fun gardening and connecting with my colleagues than I thought I would. I look forward to more activities in the future where I can make a difference in the world and work with my teammates.”

Our time at Endeavour ended with a lovely meal prepared by the young students at Endeavour who are learning to cook.

After Endeavour, the MOORE Insight team headed to the go kart track.  Many team members tried it for the first time and bonded over the challenges of go karting and there was a fair bit of competition amongst all team members.

 IMG_2081.JPEG IMG_2030.JPEG