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Dyslexia Awareness Initiative 2022

Dyslexia Awareness Initiative 2022

At MOORE insight we know what makes us great is our people. We actively embrace diversity within the entire team, as everyone makes us who we are. We encourage and support our staff to share their life experiences and cultures, so we can all learn and grow from each other.

A fantastic example of this came from our Business and Project Support Officer, Helen Colls. Helen shared her experience with dyslexia and led an initiative to raise awareness and break down stereotypes.

“I have known throughout my whole education that I struggled far more than my peers, I always felt behind, and that written work did not reflect my ability. I cannot remember when exactly the word dyslexia was used to describe this, I think it could have been around year 6 / 7.”

Helen was formally assessed and diagnosed when she started university, at which time she began being very open about having dyslexia to her peers.

“I just had a mentality of 'owning it' joking with them and explaining that my “dyslexic brain” won’t see certain spelling mistakes.”

Over the past year Helen has had conversations with the HR team at MOORE Insight about dyslexia, her experiences, and how they can best support other dyslexic employees.

“As there is still a lot of social stigma about being dyslexic, many people don’t want to share with their employers about having it out of fear of people not reacting well. This is a shame as there are countless examples that show having dyslexia does not have to hold people back, instead, these individuals can bring so much value to organisations.”

Throughout the month, Helen shared resources with the whole team so they could learn more about the positives and negatives of what is means to be dyslexic. She wanted to create an environment where people with dyslexia are supported, with less emphasis on their challenges and a much bigger focus on the amazing strengths they have.

One of the topics was to understand the value of dyslexic thinking. Dyslexic thinking can be broken down into six skills that are highly coveted by organisations:
  • Visualising
  • Imagining
  • Communication
  • Reasoning
  • Connecting
  • Exploring
Many businesses now understand the importance of dyslexic thinking, so much so that LinkedIn now gives users the option of listing dyslexic thinking as a skill.

Helen finished by advising our staff on how to support individuals with dyslexia: “It’s important to show an interest and learn about the person’s struggles and how they overcame them, show patience in certain situations where their weaknesses are on show, listen to their ideas to learn how things look from a “big picture” point of view. It’s important to allow people to show off their skills in a different way and to create a culture that allows building each other up to maximise each other’s strengths”.

Thank you to Helen for providing us with this valuable insight. We know that this will make a huge difference to our current and future employees when it comes to focusing on peoples strengths, whilst working together to overcome our weaknesses.

Visit Made by Dyslexia to learn more about dyslexia and how it is being redefined.