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Celebrating the National Apprenticeship Week 2022

Celebrating the National Apprenticeship Week 2022

Moore Insight

In light of this year's National Apprenticeship Week, we asked Alice, our HR Coordinator and former apprentice, to share with us how her apprenticeship shaped her career so far, what skills she gained from her apprenticeship and what tips she would give to someone who considers following this path.

Alice, having successfully obtained her Human Resources apprenticeship, was more than happy to provide those who consider to apply for an Apprenticeship with a significant insight. She passionately believes that being an apprentice brings a number of benefits not only during the programme but after its completion as well.

"I really enjoyed being an apprentice; it has enabled me to gain valuable skills as well as to develop a stable career. What I found significantly useful is the projects I had the opportunity to be involved in."

Alice, during her apprenticeship has been given the opportunity to support a number of colleagues on various projects, where the main focus was to reduce the recruitment spend. She particularly underlines, how useful this experience was when she was writing up her assignments; more precisely she mentioned that having gained this invaluable knowledge led to exceptional grades as Alice was able to adequately demonstrate her understanding to her tutors.  

Before making the big decision to apply for an apprenticeship, Alice knew that A-levels was not the right route for her to follow: "Schools were not actively talking about apprenticeships and although I knew back then that A-levels were not the best choice for me, I was not aware of the option to do an apprenticeship. Having chosen to study in a college for a specialism different to HR, I was advised by one of my tutors that there’s also the Apprenticeship route."

While she was a college student, Alice decided to apply for an HR apprenticeship:

"I finally got an interview; I ended up getting the job and successfully obtained a Level 3 CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel Development) in Human Resources Practice."

Being an apprentice also means that someone needs to take on some exciting challenges; one of those is how an apprentice manages studies alongside a full-time job role. Alice has shared another apprenticeship insight; she underlined that “Every employer allows 20% of the week time (1 day per week) to be used for studying and/or attending lectures. However, managing my workload and studying for the apprenticeship was not always easy. One tip I would give to any new apprentice is to be ready to take on a challenge. Be organised and prioritise your workload and your studies.”

Reflecting on her role so far, Alice highlighted that apart from the work-related skills, she also gained a number of interpersonal skills, such as communication skills and team working. Precisely she mentioned:

"I had the opportunity to not only learn to communicate effectively with my team but with everyone in the company. Every person is different and knowing how to communicate with each of them is important to ensure the right message is being put across."

"In terms of team working, the apprenticeship experience enabled me to share ideas of how we could improve processes and procedures. I gained a lot of knowledge from working with team members because each person in my team focused on a different area."

Alice also improved her organisational and prioritisation skills. "Staying organised helped me to maintain a clear picture of what I needed to complete. A lot of the time I had to drop things to pick up more urgent tasks which came unexpectedly; being organised helped me to be able to pick up my other tasks and then I knew where I was up to with each task."

If you're considering doing an apprenticeship, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. MOORE Insight offers a comprehensive apprenticeship training programme to cover all aspects of your development with a recognised training provider to support you.