The Top Benefits of an ERP Health Check

Regular ERP Health Checks help you identify potential issues, prepare for the future, and achieve the best outcomes from your systems and processes.

With the drive to stay ahead of the latest technology, ensure data integrity and security, enable teams to work more efficiently with easier reporting and automation of laborious manual tasks, we all know that Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, can transform an organisation’s prospects, offering a great variety of benefits.

Maximising the benefits of ERP

To maximise the host of benefits to your business, it is important to ensure that the system you select is ‘fit for purpose,’ based on your requirements and your future growth plans i.e. is it a large, complex system that comes with all the bells and whistles, but has so much unused functionality because your organisation lacks the resources? Perhaps the ERP system is a perfect fit for your organisation and meets all your objectives, but it was implemented badly with poor configuration and integration between other systems, meaning that you’re not achieving the outcomes you wanted.  

Maintaining your ERP, much like servicing a car

It’s a fact that when you implement an ERP solution, it’s much like buying a brand-new car; it needs to be serviced in order to continue to run optimally for your business and drive efficiencies. As your business evolves, so must your ERP system. Also, what happens when your ERP system starts to show its age? 

Many of these factors can be addressed with a regular health check by ERP experts. A health check may identify where your system is not making the most of its functionality, where inefficiencies are occurring in process and the system itself, where integrations or configuration of the system could be improved and, where simple improvements can be made to avoid the costs of implementing a brand-new system too soon. We all know that if the ERP system we use every day for our business is affected by unplanned disruptions, it has a huge impact on daily business operations and revenue potential.

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An ERP Health Check from an independent ERP expert, can help to maintain your ERP system, and steer you towards a smoother, more optimised way of working.

Below we have listed the top five benefits of an ERP Health Check:


1. Clear View of Your System’s Health

An ERP Health Check assesses how your system is performing and reveals any current issues, with the opportunity to get a head start and address these. In the long term, a health check minimises the risk of unplanned disruptions and optimises processes. A health check essentially revitalises your system: It does not add anything novel but capitalises on an existing asset.

2. Keep Up-to-date with the Latest Advancements

As technology advances, ERP systems transform to keep pace with the latest trends in the market. Since your ERP was implemented, chances are that various new capabilities, features and improvements have been rolled out. A regular ERP health check allows you to identify the areas that your current system is falling short and optimise your system with the latest upgrades and features that are currently available on the market, minimising the risk of your systems to become obsolete.

3. Maximise your ROI

Implementing an ERP solution is a significant investment for all organisations of any size. Therefore, its return on investment must be even more significant to make it worthwhile. Over time, systems begin to underperform; they lose their functionality and business benefit. Ultimately, your ROI decreases. Reviewing and optimising your system play a significant role in maximising your return on investment and enjoying the benefits that you were originally promised.

4. Optimise Business Processes

As your organisation evolves, business processes, that your system was initially based on, transform, complicating and constraining the operation and performance of your ERP system. To best address these evolutionary aspects, and ensure your system develops to accommodate such changes, ERP health checks are required. In particular, these will assure your system remains best fit, aligns with best practice, reduces downtime, and upholds data integrity.

5. Proactively Plan For The Future

An ERP Health Check does not only highlight your system’s current position, but is an opportunity to get ahead of your competition, squeeze out the system’s benefits, and plan for a most successful future. An ERP Optimisation Roadmap depicts your next steps, and visualises the specific steps that will lead you to ERP optimisation, and its associated long-term operational benefits and cost savings.

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