30 Years of Delivering Success: ERP Expertise and Client Satisfaction

Growing Moore Insight: Bringing the right experts and experience to every project

Kate Hill & Ioanna Nasiara, Business Development & Marketing

In this second part of our “What makes Moore Insight More?” video series, we continue our journey over the last 30 years with a focus on some of our key client projects and we hear from experts who work with Moore Insight on projects day to day.   

Our client first ethos is at the heart of our business, and we bring in the experts and methodology needed to help clients thrive.     

In this video, we hear from Eugene Walker, Executive Director of Resources at Sheffield City Council, who shares his experience us, highlighting honesty, integrity and trust, as the main qualities of the Moore Insight team. He says:

“The team really got alongside with us. We had a really integrated team and our staff felt like it was a joint project team. There’s a lot of integrity working with Moore Insight, in terms of honesty and trust”
Eugene Walker, Sheffield City Council. 

Brian Mahon, Director of Moore Insight, gives us a deeper insight into our earlier work with several Central Government departments, such as the House of Commons and how these projects helped shape our current working practices and value add when working within government. 

We also hear from Andrew Fraser, one of our long-standing associates, who  has worked with us for clients across local and central government for many years. 

Peter Morley, Founding Director of Moore Insight, talks about how our experiences with key clients throughout the years shaped our business but also about what we give back to the communities we serve. 

Nevile Reid, another associate, provides an overview of excellence in project delivery for client satisfaction, as well as on what makes Moore Insight special.  

Watch the second video of our series here:


(Video produced courtesy of Fluid HD, Sheffield) 

With two more videos to come, we take a closer look at our most important resource: the people.

The team that brings our vision to life every day and takes us one step forward towards our mission. We also focus on what the future holds for us, the role that Social Value and Corporate Social Responsibility play in our working practices and how we continue to put our clients first, as we grow. 

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