Finance Monthly: The Benefits of ERP Optimisation, Interview with Peter Morley

Finance Monthly: The Benefits of ERP Optimisation, Interview with Peter Morley

Ioanna Nasiara & Kate Hill, Business Development & Marketing

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) including finance, HR, payroll and procurement systems are powerful for transforming organisational processes and reporting, reducing the need for manual tasks. Large-scale ERP solutions are highly complex with exceptional functionality if taken advantage of, as part of the implementation and configuration process.

This month we had the pleasure of sharing our Founding Director, Peter Morley’s interview in the latest issue of Finance Monthly magazine on the topic of optimising these systems and getting the best out of what you have bought to ensure the best possible outcomes.

An organisation needs to benefit from the upsides and minimise or mitigate any downsides. They need to achieve the maximum benefit of their business front line at the same time as running efficiently behind the scenes and delivering value” says Peter.

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In the article, Peter speaks to Finance Monthly about the efficiencies and cost-savings that an optimised system can bring to your organisation, as well as the trends that he is expecting to see in the ERP systems market within the next two years.

Peter also shares how we at Moore Insight, as core business systems’ experts, have been supporting organisations for more than 30 years, and continue to support organisations with:
  • Driving improvements and efficiencies to optimise existing systems
  • Looking to the future with business strategy, ERP readiness and system roadmaps
  • Finding the best core business solutions based on organisational requirements
  • Supporting organisations through the entire implementation and optimal configuration of their ERP or best of breed solutions, including integrations to other systems
  • Migration of data from the legacy system to the new ERP solution
Sharing expert insights on how organisations can address their biggest business challenges, when it comes to their core business systems, Peter briefly outlines key steps to tackle the following:  
  • Efficiency of operation
  • Cost-effectiveness in provision
  • Systems security and resilience
  • Retention of knowledge
  • Management of quality

Read the full article from Finance Monthly about “The Top Benefits Of Optimising Your ERP Systems” at Moore Insight:


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