Our History

Our History

Established by our Founding Director, Peter Morley in 1991, we have come a long way from our first client, Christie’s International Auctioneers.

Having worked with many of the major central government departments including:

  • Cabinet Office
  • HM Treasury
  • House of Commons

Before branching out into local government and the not-for profit sectors, including NHS, Universities and blue light organisations, as well as a number of large private sector clients, where we continue to grow our diverse portfolio of clients.

In 2020, we became a proud member of the Moore Global Network after a long association. The Moore Global Network spans across 114 countries and is known for delivering quality and customer excellence.

We are proud of our heritage and our ability to provide expert advice and services to all of our clients, with their needs at the forefront of our minds, always delivering value and building lasting relationships with clients and partners alike.

What we do


ERP and Digital Transformation

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and Digital transformation are both essential with ensuring competitive and challenging business environments. Moore Insight will ensure you come out on top with process or operational efficiencies.

Business Change

We work with you and your organisation to understand, plan, implement and communicate, to enable you to innovate, grow, develop, and create new business opportunities and empower your organisation and its people.

Financial Management

The crucial key to business success is good financial management. Whatever industry you are in, we assist you with controlling costs, incorporating robust financial processes and ensuring accurate reporting of financial data.

How can Moore Insight help you?